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Nothing better than a good meal that will result in a big smile and lots of fun
Head Chef

Leonardo Correa

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Ultimate dining experience like no other
We’ve fine tuned the art of the Mediterranean foods into simple and presentable dishes to serve inside the hart of Lisbon. With an experienced head chef and a dedicated team we’re ready to prepare and deliver dishes made to satisfy even the hardest critics.


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Medditerean food is extremely popular — and for good reason! In addition to beautiful, smelling and tasty, the typical dishes of the region are extremely healthy. Several kitchens all over the world serounded by the Mediterranean Sea share tendencies and their ingredients. Italian, Spanish, French, Greek, and Moroccan….all very different, but with better appearance: artichokes, capers, herbs, olive oils, seafood, no fried foods, and of course a quality wine.








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Rua. da Madalena 125,
1100-535 Lisboa, Portugal

+351 21 155 6365